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Steven Cooper

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About: The name Lyrycyst is likely to ring a bell in rap, pop and alternative rock circles as an underground force who's literally built his storied career from the ground up.

After debuting in the Kansas City area, the genre crossing creative force released an indie album that launched the emcee into a whirlwind of events throughout the midwest. (including local projects with hometown natives Tech N9ne and American Idol winner David Cook’s band Axium) The songwriter soon saw his distant dreams being conceived in reality, paved with tireless work ethic, continuous recording and extensive touring that included everything from dates with Relient K and Jeremy Camp to this year's Shoutfest (alongside the likes of Pillar and Superchick). With 400+ live shows under his belt, Lyrycyst has established himself as one of the top heavy hitters in his genre.

"When I first began, I knew rap had several stigmas and I wanted to change the way people thought about it," Lyrycyst asserts. "People complain they can't understand the words, there's not much of a positive element, and the music is often a boring loop. As I've grown as an artist, I've sought out to change all three- rapping in a clear way people can understand, making the content clean and relevant to the issues of the day, and setting a standard for innovative arrangements and creative music. Because of these three things, I’ve seen people who never really listened to rap before stand by something they never thought they would."

All any skeptic needs to do is visit the stylistic influences of Lyrycyst’s debut album Masquerade, which transition between Eminem, Jay-Z, Linkin Park and The Beastie Boys. From there, the lyrics disclose an extremely bold account of today's troubled society, including issues as wide spread as loneliness, celebrity obsession, lust and abortion. In fact, that latter topic is boldly addressed throughout "What If I?" a soulful duet with Dove Award winning hit maker Rachael Lampa.

The future of this debut rap/rocker is a promising one. Besides a heavy touring schedule, Lyrycyst is currently busy promoting his new release. This includes a music video for the single “Showbiz, a television and radio media tour, and a full blown marketing campaign to help build a solid foundation and launch Lyrycyst into a brighter public spotlight.
Information: Steven Cooper (Lyrycyst)

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