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Danielle Barnett

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About: I have a fresh and energetic approach to teaching - practice is encouraged to achieve premium results. As a vocal coach / singing teacher, I focus on breathing and warm up techniques firstly, working on expanding the vocal range during the warm up - progressing to mastering songs that the pupil wants to learn - working on performance, emotion, breathing and diction amongst many other things!

With Piano and flute, I prefer to start with total beginners, and I am happy to teach grades if required - My theory is that learning should be and will be fun!

I am a professional singer that fronts a worldwide chart act, with over 20 years of musical experience.

We have a top quality recording studio on our premises, and mirrored air conditioned rehearsal rooms.

I am also a professional songwriter with worldwide top 10 chart success, and can teach a wide range of techniques to enhance your songwriting skills, with the facility to record the song that you write in the comfort of our fully equipped studio.

Relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere to release your full potential as an artist.

See my site for the company I run and other services that we offer.
Location: Romford, Essex, United Kingdom - England
Business Type: Music Teacher
Products or Services: Grade 8 flute
Grade 8 piano
Professional pop singer

Grade 8 flute
Grade 8 piano
Professional pop singer
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